Heating Instructions
For reheating our Savoury Pies
8" Pies - 350C for 30 minutes
4" Pies - 350C for 15 minutes
If the pie is frozen, double the cooking time!

How to Order Online

Before you start ordering, please set up an account! 

To set up an account:
1. Click the "person" icon beside the search icon at the top right corner.
2. Click "Create An Account" beneath the sign in button.
3. Fill in your information and hit "Create".
4. Go to your email inbox. There will be an email from The Pie Guys that says "Customer Account Activation". Click the blue button that says "Activate your Account".
5. That button will bring you back to the Pie Guys Login Page. Login with your new account and order away!
To place an online order:
1. Fill up your cart and head to checkout.
2. Choose between delivery or pickup, and double check your pickup date!
3. Login to your account. (or sign up for free!)
4. Fill out our contact form and your payment information.
5. Bring your confirmation email, pick up your order and enjoy!


 IMPORTANT: Please ensure you pick the correct pickup date for your order! Some of our items such as our savoury pies, hot entrees or event specials are only available on select days. 

Questions about Ordering

How do I place an order?

All orders are placed via our website at


Can I place an order via the phone?

We ask all orders are placed through our website. If you are unable to do so, please visit the bakery in person or call to place an order.


When is the deadline to place an order for next day pick up?

Order deadline is 2PM the day prior.


What time can I pick up my order?

Order pickup time is between 1-5PM on your pickup day at your chosen bakery.


Can I request an earlier pickup time?

Some products are ready early, but not all. If you have a special request, please call the bakery with your order number to discuss what time your order can be ready at. 


Can I order any item for any day?

Some of our items are only available on certain days to ensure freshness, such as our Savoury Pies. If you have a special request, please feel free to contact us!


Do I need my order number to pick up my order?

Yes! Once you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number at the top. (If you didn't receive one, check your junk mail!) Please bring your order number with you to help us get your order faster.


Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately at this time we aren't offering any delivery.